OcuPlan is a private medical shared care scheme between eye consultants and optometrists for patients who require regular monitoring of known eye conditions. This booklet sets out how the scheme works and the OcuPlan packages of care available to you. The scheme has been designed to try and make private eye care more available and affordable. You can see your chosen eye consultant in the private hospital setting with all the added benefits this provides, such as timely appointments, less busy clinics, continuity of care where you see the same consultant each visit, and a high standard of care and clinical governance as the service is consultant delivered. The care packages also include ocular imaging and visual field tests at your local independent or high street optometrist as long as they meet our quality standards for performing these investigations.

Registering with OcuPlan

You can register with OcuPlan over the phone in just 2 minutes or online using our website. During the registration process you have to complete personal details, confirm that you have read our Terms and Conditions and choose which OcuPlan care package you would like to purchase. You will need to choose the level of care package most suitable to you. The simplest way to choose which package to purchase is to look back at your previous eye care history and see how many times you have needed access to eye care over the previous year. Then choose the most similar OcuPlan package to match this. If you need any advice about which package is most suitable for you, then you can either ask your eye doctor or please give us a call.

It is really important that you read through this whole booklet, which sets out how to benefit from OcuPlan, the Terms and Conditions for becoming a patient member, and the financial cost to you of the package of care you choose per year or per month if you choose to pay by instalments. If you choose to pay for your care using 12 monthly instalments, the total price you pay over the year is the same as the yearly cost for the package of care you have purchased with no extra interest charges.

In order to be eligible to join OcuPlan and to benefit from the services we provide, you need to have a known eye diagnosis that requires regular monitoring. OcuPlan is suitable for patients who are already seen regularly in the NHS or private practice setting with low to medium risk eye conditions that require regular monitoring. The easiest way to check if you would benefit is to speak with the eye doctor or optometrist that you see regularly, or you are welcome to call us to obtain more advice about this. The below flow chart (figure 1), demonstrates the typical route of access for new patients into OcuPlan.

Flow chart showing routes of access for patients in to OcuPlan

Figure 1: Flow chart showing the access route for new patients in to OcuPlan
We have a detailed Data Protection Policy on our website. This has been designed to help keep your data safe and allow us to only use your personal data when absolutely necessary. During the process of registration with OcuPlan, it is important that you read and agree with these documents.

How to make the most of your OcuPlan care package

When you join OcuPlan, depending on which package of care you purchase, you will be allocated a certain number of shared care services. You will be issued with a physical OcuPlan membership card via the post. You should bring this card with you to your appointments because the optometrist and eye consultant will scan it when you arrive to authorise and register the visit.

Scanning the card starts the payment process from your OcuPlan account to the optometrist or consultant. You will not have to pay the optometrist for the investigations included in your OcuPlan package or pay the consultant for their consultation. This happens automatically by scanning your membership card. If you forget your membership card then please give us a call and we can usually authorise the visit over the phone.

If you are on a once per year package (OcuPlan Care) you can use your one consultation with your eye doctor and one set of ocular investigations with your optometrist at any time during the year. If you are on the twice per year package (OcuPlan Care Plus) you can use one consultation with your eye doctor and one set of ocular investigations with your optometrist in the first 6 months after joining, and the second of each in the second 6 months after joining. The only exception to this is that if you have not used any services until you reach the second 6 months after joining, then you can access both consultations and sets of investigation in the second half of the year.

If you are on the three times per year package (OcuPlan Premium) you can use one consultation with your eye doctor and one set of ocular investigations with your optometrists in the first 4 months after joining, then the second of each in the 5-8th months after joining, and the third of each in the last 4 months after joining. The only exception to this is that if you have reached month 5 after joining and have not yet accessed any services, then you can use 2 consultations and sets of investigations during the 5-8th month. Similarly from month 9, if you have not accessed any services you can use 3 consultations and 3 sets of investigations before the end of the year.

The OcuPlan scheme has been specifically set up to save you money and also provide you with the highest quality of consultant delivered eye care possible. The scheme is designed for patients in the monitoring phase, and therefore the structure of regularly spaced follow-up appointments as explained in the various package options above, reflects this. It helps you afford the predictable eye care that you need as a basic minimum each year. Occasionally additional consultations will be needed for problems that may arise in an unpredictable way with your eye health or treatment. These would fall outside the scope of OcuPlan and would need to be funded privately in the traditional self-funding way, independently from OcuPlan. Or you have the choice to be asked to be seen in the NHS or funding your care using a private medical insurance policy if this is available.

OcuPlan is not an insurance policy

It is important to understand that OcuPlan is not an insurance policy and therefore is not regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Also, because we only offer fixed-term, 12-month long packages of care services, we are not required to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We do not charge any interest on the value of the services we provide or lend you any money to purchase these services.

OcuPlan can be defined as a type of service agreement where you are paying for a fixed package of care that lasts for 12 months. You have the option of paying for this either in advance or with 12 monthly instalments over 1 year at no extra cost.

‘Payment for services’ schemes like this are regulated by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and a full copy of this act together with general financial advice about your rights can be found on the Financial Ombudsmen Service website