How do you check if a patient is covered by OcuPlan for your investigations?

When they join, OcuPlan Members are given a physical membership card that includes a QR code.  They have been told to bring this to all their appointments so that you can scan it to register their visit with you. If they forget their membership card, they can access the tokens for their optometry investigations online at any time using a smart phone or tablet device connected to the internet. The QR code on the membership card can be scanned using a smart phone or tablet device logged in to your practice OcuPlan account.

Scanning the QR code on the membership card will automatically register the visit and start the payment process to you. There is an additional kiosk login function, which can be found on the OcuPlan website that is a useful tool for your administration team in the reception area or at the front desk. This allows your team to scan membership cards conveniently for you when patients arrive to your practice. Scanning the QR code automatically starts the payment processes to you and registers the patient on your OcuPlan account. If the patient does not have a valid membership card, you should advise them to contact OcuPlan to remedy this. If you scan an invalid membership card then you will be presented with an error message, and you should advise the patient to check their online OcuPlan account or to contact OcuPlan to remedy this before proceeding.

If you are unsure if a patient is pre-authorised by OcuPlan for their investigations, please call our administration team to check this before you see them. We will only pay for sets of investigations that are eligible as part of the patient’s OcuPlan package and are outlined in this Terms and Conditions for Optometrists document.