OcuPlan is a new type of health scheme which aims to make private health care more accessible and affordable for patients. It is very different to most health insurance policies because there are no exclusions for pre-existing eye conditions and it also includes a defined number of consultations for ongoing monitoring of stable or chronic conditions. In this way it is not a health insurance policy, it is a fixed-term, clearly defined package of shared care between optometrists and ophthalmologists, which form the basic minimum that a patient is likely to need per year. The packages provide a defined number of consultations per year with recognised consultant eye surgeons and ocular investigations with recognised optometry partners. The medico legal responsibility for monitoring their condition, deciding on the frequency of consultations and investigations required and interpretation of Members investigation’s rests with the consultant ophthalmologist for whom the patient is under their care, not with the optometrist.

OcuPlan makes private eye care more affordable for patients by providing a payment by instalments facility to spread the costs over the year. Members can access services after paying just one month’s instalment up front and completing their 14-day cooling off period. At OcuPlan we have a set of minimum quality standards for new consultants and optometrists to become recognised partners, which help to maintain a high-quality service for our Members.

About this documentation

This documentation contains advice on how OcuPlan works and how it can help you. It also contains the Terms and Conditions for OcuPlan recognised consultant ophthalmologists and is the basis of an agreement between you and us that you will become an OcuPlan Partner. By accepting your status as an OcuPlan Partner you are agreeing to these terms and conditions which shall apply to you when carrying out pre-authorised consultations for our Members. The cost of these consultations will be remunerated to you by OcuPlan as long as they are performed and charged for in line with this agreement. As you work through the document, we have set out what we are asking you to do and what we will do for you. Any ambiguous or important terms have the meanings given in the ‘Defined Terms’ section 14 at the end of this document. If there is anything which you do not understand or sounds incorrect, please do give us a call to get clarification.