Your OcuPlan account is the key to a successful OcuPlan practice. Once your account is set up, you will find that the system is quick and easy to use. The key features of your OcuPlan account include the dashboard, your practice page, your statements and scanning a membership card.

Practice Page

The Practice page show the details of your practice. There is a separate practice page for each of your individual practices. The practice details show contact information for patient, with a public contact name, email address and phone number.  You can edit this secure information and save the changes whenever necessary.


We send you a link to your statement page on a monthly basis. Your statements are presented monthly. Click on the appropriate month and you will find the fees paid to you that month, the fees outstanding and the fees earned (i.e. scanned) that month. The scanned total = the total fees earned that month. The statement can be printed, by clicking the print button. An interactive graph, labelled payment outlook shows the above figures, at the end of each month.

Contact details

You will find the secure email address of the optometrist or ophthalmologist of each patient on the statement page, alongside the scans. You will also find the secure email address of the optometrist or ophthalmologist, alongside the patient’s name when you access ‘recent scans’ in the kiosk.

Team Access

You may wish to give a team member access to your OcuPlan account. To do this, you need to invite them to join. You will see a team icon; two people together at the top of the page, click this icon, and a form will open. Enter the name of the person and the email address, click the large ‘send’ button and they will be automatically invited to sign-in and access your entire OcuPlan account.

Scan a membership card

All patients have a membership card and scanning the QR code on the card triggers automatic payment for the visit. It must be scanned at every visit to ensure payment. You can scan a membership card by clicking the ‘Scan Card’ blue button, located at the top of all pages in your account. A camera appears on your screen, place the membership card in front of the screen, once captured, click ‘complete’. Then click ‘complete transaction’. This now triggers automatic payment for the visit. Click here to learn more on scanning cards.


For your team members, who need to scan memberships cards and who do not have an OcuPlan Account, (e.g. your administration team), they need to scan through the kiosk. You can also use the kiosk through your Ocuplan account if you wish. You may need to assist your team in setting up the kiosk. You may wish to create a single kiosk account, which all team members use. You can create a separate account for your team, on the device that the team will use and then share the details with your team.