Here are some of our most frequently asked questions from Patients

Q.  Can I see my usual consultant eye surgeon who I already see?

A. As long as your consultant is registered with OcuPlan you can see them as part of your OcuPlan scheme. If your consultant is not registered with OcuPlan then it is free and easy for them to do so by contacting us and if they agree to our Terms and Conditions for ophthalmologists and we can add them to our list of registered consultants.

Q. Can I see my usual optometrist?

A. We are careful to only include optometrists in OcuPlan who meet our quality standards for ocular imaging. If your optometrist is a recognised OcuPlan provider then you can use your OcuPlan scheme to see them for the approved ocular investigations set out in Section 1 of the Terms and Conditions in this document. As long as you are due a set of OcuPlan investigations as part of your care package, then we will pay the optometrist for these investigations. There is advice on our website for optometrists to see if they meet the requirements to become recognised with OcuPlan. It is free for them to join the scheme and all they need to do is join online or give us a call.

Q. Can I still see other consultant eye surgeons or optometrists without using my OcuPlan package of care?

A. Yes, the scheme does not restrict you in any way. You can either carry on self-funding private care, or use your pre-existing medical insurance policy to see consultants if you have one. However, we recommend that to get the best value from your OcuPlan scheme, you check to see what you are entitled to each year and utilise these services in full.

Q. When can I start using my care services?

A. You can start using your care services as soon as you have completed your cooling-off period, which is 14 days from your start date when you first join. At that point you will have enrolled on a 12-month contract with us.

Q. How do I pay for the OcuPlan?

A. You can pay for an OcuPlan package of care in advance or on a monthly basis with 12 monthly instalments over 1 year. If you choose to pay by instalments you will be asked to pay for the first month’s payment in advance and will then need to complete your bank details when you set up your online OcuPlan account.

If during the year you need an extra consultation with your eye doctor or an extra set of ocular investigations, you have the choice of accessing additional services either via the NHS and your GP, or in the traditional private practice way independently of OcuPlan. If you have private medical insurance it is always worth checking if any new problems would be covered by your medical policy. If you find that you frequently need to purchase additional services, then you may want to consider upgrading your OcuPlan package to a higher level the following year, as this may be more cost-effective for you in the long term.

Q. How do I cancel OcuPlan?

A. You are free to cancel OcuPlan over the phone anytime in the first 14 days free of charge, which is your cooling-off period. After this period, you need to write to us to request to end your contract or you may cancel on the website. If at the time you cancel your scheme you have not yet used any of your entitlements, these will be refunded to you in full.

If you have used any of your entitlements such as a consultation or investigation, then even if you cancel your scheme you will still have to complete your payment of these. If you pay by instalments, then we will continue to take the monthly instalment until the service has been paid for. Alternatively, you are welcome to clear your outstanding active year’s total debt in one lump sum at any time; if you do this then we can close your account within 2 weeks of receiving payment. We do not charge you any additional cancellation fees, other than recovering any monies owed for accessed and used OcuPlan services, as explained above.

Applications to end your contract should be sent by post to OcuPlan, Izabella House, 24-26 Regent Place, City Centre, Birmingham, B1 3NJ. Or this can be done by following the cancellation instructions on our website by logging in to your OcuPlan account and going to the ‘settings’ section.

Q. Am I locked into the scheme?

A. Once you have joined the OcuPlan scheme and completed your cooling-off period you will have signed up to a 12-month long contract and package of care. You can either pay for this package of care in advance or choose to pay by monthly instalments to OcuPlan, which will be the monthly cost of the care package level you have signed up to for 12 months. If you have accessed and used OcuPlan services, and if you fail to make these payments and miss 2 consecutive payments, then OcuPlan will seek to retrieve these costs from you. Initially this will be in the form of reminder letters stating the amount outstanding. If these are not paid within 60 days of your first missed payment then we may seek to retrieve the outstanding charges through a debt collection agency. If you miss 1 months’ worth of payments, then your scheme will be suspended until you have caught up with your payments.

Q. How do I use my OcuPlan care packages?

A. If you want to see a consultant eye surgeon or optometrist for investigations, you need to check to see if they are a registered with OcuPlan on our website, or you can give us a call. If they are, you can then use your OcuPlan account to pay for their consultations. Your membership card will be scanned by the consultant or their administration team when you attend the clinic. If you have run out of entitlements, for example if you have already used your purchased consultations and investigations for the year. You have the choice to either self-fund additional consultations or investigations totally independent from OcuPlan in the traditional way, or you can ask to be referred for these services in the NHS. If you find you are frequently needing extra consultations or investigations, then it may be more cost-effective for you to choose a higher OcuPlan package when you come to renew.

Q. How do I make the most of my OcuPlan care package?

A. When you join OcuPlan you will have purchased a certain number of services that are included in your care package. You will also be issued with a physical OcuPlan membership card that can be used to pay for these services. When you arrive at the private hospital or optometrist, they will need to scan your membership card to register the visit. This also automatically starts paying either the consultant or optometrist for the services they are providing. If during the year, you use up all your entitlements and require more, you can purchase these in the traditional way independently of OcuPlan or ask to be referred to the NHS. If you find you are needing extra services regularly, then you may want to upgrade your OcuPlan care package in future years to make it more cost effective.

There are 3 levels of care packages available and for each package the table below explains what is included per year, the cost per month of the scheme and the total cost per 12-month contract period that you are committed to pay:


OcuPlan Care

**£24.99** per month. (£299.88 total over 12 months)

What is included per 12-month contract?

* 1 private hospital consultation with OcuPlan recognised consultant eye surgeon per 12 months

* 1 visual field test and 1 set of ocular imaging with your OcuPlan recognised optometrist per 12 months


OcuPlan CarePlus

**£43.99** per month. (£527.88 total over 12 months)

What is included per 12-month contract?

* Up to 2 private hospital consultations with OcuPlan recognised consultant eye surgeon per 12 months

* Up to 2 sets of visual field tests and ocular imaging with your OcuPlan recognised optometrist per 12 months


OcuPlan Premium

**£59.99** per month. (£719.88 total over 12 months)

What is included per 12-month contract?

* Up to 3 private hospital consultations with OcuPlan recognised consultant eye surgeon per 12 months

* Up to 3 sets of visual field tests and ocular imaging with your OcuPlan recognised optometrist per 12 months